Saturday, April 19, 2014

Can Decent Sound Come From A Small Speaker System?

A review

GOgroove’s BlueSYNC DRM


                Finding a good value in the constantly changing tech world is not easy.  It seems Performance is frequently tied to higher price points.  However, surprises can emerge.

                This is particularly true of peripherals like portable speakers.  There are plentiful choices. There are also compromises.  Higher quality sound can come at higher price points, sometimes in the hundreds of dollars.  If price is not an obstacle size can be.  Speaker systems that are too small do not always deliver the goods. Systems that provided a rich sonic experience can come in enclosures that are too cumbersome to be truly portable.     
Offering a solution to the problems associated with size, cost and quality sound, GOgroove has produced the BlueSYNC DRM.  Measuring 7.75" x 2.5" x 2.0", and weighing 11.84 ounces, portability is not an issue.  For those that are looking for a device that can easily fit in a purse or backpack, this is the form factor that works.

Styling, the Achilles Heel of speaker systems, the BlueSYNC comes in an attractive enclosure. With curving lines and a choice of colors, turquoise or red, aesthetic concerns have not been neglected.   The pleasing contemporary styling provides a look that is decidedly higher end than its price points indicate.

On the subject of price, GOgroove has put affordability front and center.  Coming in at $29.99, accessibility to a wide audience for audio on a budget is addressed.
Too frequently value is connected with middling performance.  “You get what you pay for,” is the standard rule for tech.  However, there are exceptions.  The BlueSYNC DRM is one such exception.

Features can be sacrificed for affordability.  Not deficient in this department, there is some surprising functionality found here sometimes missing in higher priced speaker solutions.  

Offering speaker phone capability, the built in microphone is more sensitive than one might expect, conversations across an average room are entirely possible.  Voices sound clear going out and coming in without distortion.  

Battery life is impressive.  One charge can last up to ten hours according to GOgroove.  It is powered by a USB connection. The USB cable is provided.

On the subject of connectivity, the DRM is Bluetooth enabled.  Syncing the device was a simple procedure.  Turn it on, press the button on the top of the device and quickly your smartphone, or any Bluetooth enabled device, is paired.  No need to adjust settings after the first sync.  It remembers the connection after the first set up.

The back of the BlueSYNC DRM

Should you have a pc or mobile phone that lacks Bluetooth, there is an auxiliary input that permits a wired connection. This feature alone adds an important feature for supporting a wider number of devices.

All of the features and price points add up to value, but all of this means nothing without one essential feature, decent sound.  The deal breaker with any speaker is sonic quality.  Hitting highs and providing lows, any number of small scaled sound systems can only muster mediocre at best.  Go too far on the upper end and the sound can be tinny.  The bass can sound muted. The DRM avoids that pitfall.

It could be that the 2 x 35mm stereo drivers and passive woofer that share a single air chamber could be the reason the DRM performs better than one expect considering the price points.  Naturally no speaker in this category can compete with larger systems that have a huge subwoofer.  No mobile system can.  That doesn’t mean compelling sound cannot come from an enclosure this small.

Able to fill a medium sized room with sound, it can reach highs and deep lows without sounding strained.  It can also handle a wide spectrum of music.  It may not drown the house with super booming volume, but it will not sound small and whiney in your average room.  For the purposes it was created, the DRM serves its primary function, decent sound at a great price well.


There are a wide range of speakers in the market place.  Some perform at very high levels. They also come with high price tags and sometimes little portability.  If one is realistic about what to expect, the BlueSYNC DRM does not disappoint.  Proving some features not found in systems that cost more, such as a decent speaker phone or as a mobile speaker system, the DRM has hit a sweet spot between value and performance.  If you are looking for solid sound and a decent feature set, the DRM will serve you very well.

Technical Information
Speaker Output Power - (2W x 2) 8-watt Peak
Bluetooth profile: v4.0 / A2DP / AVRCP / HFP
Battery - 1250mAh
Runtime - 10 hours
Dimensions - 7.75" x 2.5" x 2.0"
Weight - 11.84 ounces  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gogroove's BlueSYNC DRM

Here is a video of an unpacking of the GOgroove BlueSYNC DRM, a portable speaker system with "Bluetooth" connectivity.

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